Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

Request for Scholarship to be Placed On Hold

Please submit this form if you are unable to enroll in the upcoming term and would like to request that your scholarship be placed on hold. Documentation to support your request may be needed.

If you attend UNK, UNL, or UNO you must meet with a professional staff member in the Learning Community to discuss your on hold request and create a plan to return to college for the next term before the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee reviews your request.

The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee reviews on hold requests on a case-by-case basis and will send you their decision via email. If the on hold request is approved, your scholarship will pause for one term and resume when you enroll again.

Please fill in the information below:

You must contact the Learning Community and meet with a professional staff member as soon as possible. You may still submit this on hold request, but it will not be reviewed until you meet with LC staff.

You must attach documentation.
[You are required to complete this form if you intend to take a leave of absence from classes to complete an internship. If you are enrolling in an internship with credit hours through your primary college, you do not need to submit this form.]
Please provide due date. [Ex. 6/12/2020] Also attach documentation from a medical provider that confirms the due date.
Please attach medical documentation.
Please attach a copy of your orders.
You must attach documentation.
Please share specific information about why you would like your scholarship to be on hold for a term.